Price Comparison: Fitting Your Own Stove vs A Stove Fitter

Many of us are taking the plunge into purchasing, owning and enjoying our very own wood burning stoves, and a stove can be different things all at once. A good wood burning stove can be the central feature in a room. It can be the focal point – the feature, the envy of the neighbours and of course a very good conversation point. However, decoration of course isn’t the only purpose of a good wood burning stove.

A stove is also a functional piece of equipment. Many of us use stoves alongside our own central heating systems in order to save money every winter when the rough weather comes along. Stoves help in a time of austerity and the rising costs of utilities, and for very many of us, the use of a good wood burning stove means warm, toasty winters instead of cold and miserable ones.
A stove is also a great object to provide atmosphere. You simply don’t get the feeling from dull heat from a series of radiators that you do from a fire radiating warmth across your face and across your room, and feeling cosy can easily be the defining factor in what drives people to buy stoves. Of course, your home is your home and it should be the one place in the world where you can feel supremely comfortable, so this isn’t a bad thing.

But how much will it cost to fit your own stove? Quite little it seems, compared to hiring a professional to undertake the job for you. Hypothetically, say you were to employ a shop fitter, it would likely be around £1500 - £2500, and that’s not even including the stove in question. Were you to apply a little elbow grease, your own ingenuity and of course your own labour, the job would cost you around about £300. That’s an incredible saving, and of course it’s really not that difficult. Fitting your own stove is rather simple, and the biggest headache you’re likely going to experience when doing so is liaising with your local building regulations authority in order to do so.

There are a number of online guides which can help you when it comes to filling out the appropriate forms and showing that you are a competent person to install your own stove out there, so don’t let nervousness get to you. A self install of your own stove is safe, and can help you save a substantial amount of money.