UK Tenants Ripped Off For Rent

Figures obtained by The Guardian have shown that rents have doubled in just over a decade, and a lifetime renting is now considered to more than double a lifetime with a mortgage. The current sum paid in rents yearly has reshaped the property market entirely, and has shown that home ownership statistics have actually gone into reverse from 2006. 

Part of the reason behind this is that social housing is packed to the rafters and unavailable, and home ownership via mortgage is considered impossible by most of the populace due to steep deposit requirements, as well as other factors including inflation and the austerity which has been longstanding for over a decade.

Social landlords such as Cartrefi Conwy are combatting this sad state of affairs by partnering with construction Gwynedd firms such as Brenig Construction in order to create housing which is set at affordable rents for local people. Affordable rents are a certain percentage below the average in the area, and are a good way for people to afford the homes they’re in, without paying extortionate private rental fees or being turned down for mortgages they can’t qualify for.

It is estimated that typical private tenants pay rent of £192 per week to their landlords, compared to £102 for tenants on affordable rents or in social housing. In cities such as London, Manchester and Liverpool the figure is even worse – In London, private rents are around £309 per week, and affordable lets are charged at £132. Affordable lets are solely unavailable throughout the country due to the expense of private lets meaning that very many people simply cannot afford a place to call their own, so private renting has turned into the most common – if not the only - way people can attain their fundamental right of adequate housing.

The British housing crisis is very much one of the country’s own making through years of underdevelopment in its own infrastructure, and it seems that the ones benefiting from this truly saddening state of affairs to very many people across the UK is buy-to-let investors which privately let their investments. Social landlords such as Cartrefi Conwy are the key to making the system much more fair for many people all across the country.