Building Contractors in North Wales to Benefit from New School

building contractors in North Wales

Recent news has indicated that plans to move ahead with a shakeup of schools in Anglesey are being cemented, making it a great opportunity for building contractors in North Wales.

Progression for plans to close a total of three schools in Anglesey and create a larger area school has been circulating around lately after recommendations from council officers that the changes take place.

As a primary school, it is touted that Ysgol Llanfachreath will make way for the new build with Ysgol Cylch y Garn in Llanrhuddlad and Ysgol Ffrwd Win in Llanfaethlu also being closed after a decision was made back in February 2013. The main reason behind the project is allegedly that there are too many open spaces at the present schools meaning it would make sense to consolidate them all into one. This is backed up by Ysgol Llanddeusant being forced to close in 2011 after a decline in students.

This would present a great chance for building firms all over North Wales to aid with the closing of the three schools but to also build the new one which is still waiting approval which is looking highly likely that it will.

It follows news that the council will have less responsibility when it comes to education and that it may be sourced to an outside consortium according to a recent report: “The national model is based on a vision of regional school improvement consortia working on behalf of local authorities to lead, orchestrate and co-ordinate the improvement in the performance of schools and education of young people.
“Local authorities retain the statutory responsibility for schools and school improvement.”

Also announced, there is the possibility that construction workers for the new Wylfa B project on Anglesey could be housed in vacated schools.

As there will be quite the workforce all descending on the region to aid with the build, they will need accommodation as outlined in plan drafter up by Anglesey council: “The role and size of these centres is such that they are likely to be better able to support construction worker accommodation, whilst minimising the risk of adverse social and environmental impacts.”

In addition, the report states that renovations to Holyhead port and the roads on the Isle of Anglesey may also be necessary for the future but there is no indication of this touted plan being put into action just yet.