Space saving home hacks

When it comes to apartments Llandudno, even much larger ones, there's often a major issue dealing with size, layout and the ability to make sure all your belongings fit. Feeling cramped can hinder our wellbeing, as well as make it difficult to complete simple tasks.

There are various ways to create space in whatever size you occupy, to the point where size can eventually seem overrated. When you’re ready to feel more comfortable and organised in your newly designed space, grab a cuppa and read on.


Bunk beds

Perhaps quite a drastic tip to start with, but bunk beds are a classic space-saving strategy that will give your children so much more space to play and create, and bunk beds can be completely affordable!

Sofa bed

Lounge furniture in the day, bed at night. Simple as! A sofa bed makes every room a guest room, and the increasing quality of a sofa bed mean that many people are turning to them for their own preferred night-time sleeping option when space is limited.


Establish a utility cupboard

The space under your stairs is a real opportunity for storage or functionality. Make the most of this handy space by adding clips to the door and walls, a few shelves, and a shelf trolley to maximise storage. You can keep cleaning supplies, the vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket under here and avoid cluttering up the kitchen.

Stair drawers

Perfect for those of you with large shoe collections, slide-out stairs are perfect for decluttering your porch area, and can be easily categorised. Small spaces like this are perfect for storing small Christmas tree decorations or craft supplies for the kids. Not all staircases will allow for this sort of modification, so speak with a carpenter first to assess what’s possible!

Book staircase

Why stop at stair drawers? Make space along the stairs for books, and whatever bits and bobs you can’t fit along bookshelves. The average book depth is only around 15cm, so having a few volumes running flush against the skirting board won’t impede access.

Around the house

Make the most of the walls

Make the most of every last bit of space by using cupboards and shelving - shelves over the door look great, and teaming different shelf types up to display book and record collections will look really stylish, adding colour and design to the room.

False floor

Now, that’s what you call a “space-doubling” hack. Creating a raised platform and false floor offers a huge amount of storage space without much effort and without compromising utility. Storage cabinets and drawers can be added here and the sky is really your limit with how much space you can save providing the structure of the house allows for it.

Don’t dump it

Your dirty clothes hamper doesn’t have to take up three square feet on the floor, nor the additional room the ‘overspill’ takes up. Buy a hanging hamper and hang it on the back of your bedroom or closet door, relishing all the floor space you just saved!

Storage under seating

It’s great to have extra seating in your home, especially if you frequently have guests, but unless you have foldable furniture, it can take up a lot of space. Purchasing chunky fabric chairs with storage mean you can hide away throw blankets and magazines that you might have lying around the living room, making for your new best friend if someone turns up unannounced and the house is a bit cluttered!

Pull-out or foldable work desk

Ideal for students of a limited rent budget, pull out desks allow you to make the most of your room when you are not buried in piles of books and notes. An additional benefit to a desk like this, especially if you’re working from home, is that once your work is done, you can hide away your work station and your space be your home again.

Get creative with a peg board!

Have you seen the SKÅDIS pegboard from IKEA? It's the perfect solution if you're strapped for space because it’s a super problem solver with customisable storage add-ons which include storage containers, bags, hooks, roll arms and wire holders. You just hook the add-ons on through the peg slot and customise how you see fit, from having one close to the front door for dog leads, toys and waste bags, to on your vanity table clinging onto all your beauty essentials.

With these tips, you can organise your belongings, and free up much needed space. Now, the only challenge is to not immediately plan all the new things you can move into all this newfound extra room!