How to Make Your Oil Tank More Attractive

 Let’s face it - oil tanks aren’t the most attractive chunks of metal to be displayed in our gardens. However, they are vital to keeping us comfortable and toasty. With summer fast approaching, it will soon be time to begin the annual garden sort out. You may be considering ways you can mask the eye-sore. We have a few suggestions…

Add some fencing

This is probably the cheapest, easiest and quickest solution. Simply add in some fencing or a screen to hide the tank from view. You’ll have a fair few options too; wood, bamboo, reed. They can be bought in ready-made strips for a fair price.

Fencing can be stained, painted and treated to keep it looking great whilst lasting longer too. You can choose colours to make it blend in with the rest of your home. 

Using trellis

With this option, you will need to have some patience. But if you’re happy to wait, it will be so worth it. Once erected, you can plant some beautiful climbers and wall shrubs which will grow up it. 

Have a look into the different types of flowers, and when they bloom - it’s better to find one which blooms in the summer months where you’ll be using your garden more often. 


This is definitely a long-term option, so if you’re renting, you may wish to go with something else. However, once mature, covering your heating oil Shropshire tank with hedging can be pleasing all year round. Just make sure you pick an evergreen option. 

Hedges will also provide a habitat for new wildlife like birds and insects, so you can dig out your spotting book too!

Camouflage netting

If you’re renting, you might want to find a super easy and cheap fix. Camouflage netting is just that! Be sure to find the best colouring to fit in with the rest of your garden.

This is the perfect choice if you don’t have much room to work with, and can’t make permanent changes to the property. 


Feeling rather creative? You can embrace your heating oil tank by painting it! There are endless possibilities for the design, funky patterns, a pretty scene; just take a look at Pinterest for some inspiration. 

Before you buy any paint, it’s best to check what the tank is made from. That way you can buy the best which will stick most efficiently.