Moving House - 10 Questions to Ask your Seller

Moving house, officially recognised as one of the most stressful things that you can do -eep! But not to worry, most people have managed it at some point in their life. Despite the manic pressure of frantically packing boxes, sorting out your bills and booking removals companies. What else do you need to know about the location you are moving to? Well not to worry as we have put together a handy-dandy, user friendly moving list of tips to help you save money and time on moving home.

10 questions you should ask your home sellers!

Let’s make life easier for yourself! Ask the previous owners this:

1/ Where is the main stopclock (AKA, water shut off valve)

2/ Where is the location of the gas and electricity meters

3/ Do any surfaces require specialist cleaning products? ie. hardwood floors?

4/ What is bin collection day?

5/ Do you happen to have any tins of paint that are the same colour as the walls.

6/ Do you own any instruction manuals, or retain any warranties on installed electrical items?

7/ What brand/model/shop are your kitchen or bathroom tiles from?

8/ Where did your fixed furniture come from? Eg. kitchen cabinets

9/ Which company supplies energy, broadband or home phone is your supplier?

10/ Location of the thermostat

There’s a lot to remember, so save this page, or make a note of the list so you don’t forget!

Removal costs

If you are moving without any furniture (for example, from your parent’s home, or if you’ve been renting a furnished property), a car and a mate or two will do the trick, if you’re a larger family however and have a whole life of stuff to take along on the trip then you’ll need to hire a removals company! Make sure you hire yourself a reliable removal companies north wales who really know what they are doing.

Redirect your post

In the event you do not know who is moving into the property you are leaving, its recommended that you make use of the fantastic Royal Mail’s postal redirection service, this will ensure that any books or other mail you haven't changed your address on can still reach you.

You are able to get your post redirected to you for 3, 6 or even 12 months. You can extend this further if it's still a problem of too much post to the wrong address. It costs around £33.99 for three months), but if more than one person requires mail directing, the price is much greater.

If mail is not directed, you should call the sender and work to either update your address or request to be taken off the mailing list.

It is important to do this, any bills not included in the redirect, and therefore are not paid can be a big blow to the credit record, or end up in you being traced by a debt collection company. Stray letters also ups the risk of ID fraud.

Clean out the new abode, before moving.

The house could well be in a sorry state when you arrive, and so, if possible you can tackle the grime ahead of moving day to make the big move in as seamless as possible.