How to Check Your Roof for Damage After a Storm

How can a storm damage my roof?

As we are now in autumn and approaching winter, we are more likely to experience adverse weather conditions. This is when roofers north wales will get lots of call-outs for people whose homes have undergone storm damage. It could be anything from missing tiles, leads to structural damage. 

There may be some internal and external pointers to indicate whether the storm has damaged your roof. Take a look round the top floor and attic. If you own a ladder tall enough, you can head up to take a look at your roof. If not, or you’d rather not go up high, you could grab a pair of binoculars to take a look. Here are a few things you should look out for when inspecting your home after a storm:

Signs of water damage

Most homeowners will know exactly what water damage looks like. Damp patches, wet drywall, bloated paintwork, muddy brown circles on the ceiling and soft spots are all common signs of water damage. This will usually be because of a leak coming from your roof. 

Some leaks won’t actually be near where the water is coming through - they’re a pain to locate. 

Dark spots and staining

Any dark patches or spotting on surfaces can be an indicator of mould or algae growth due to moisture getting in. This could be showing that your roof is quite aged, and is reaching the end of its lifespan. The mould and algae can be cleaned away, but there might be issues with your roofs sealing which a professional will need to inspect. 

Light showing through the roof

If you take a look in your attic and you can see daylight getting in through the roof then there is quite obviously an issue. 

Sagging roof decking

If you noticed that the decking of your roof is sagging or warping whilst you're in the attic, this could mean that the decking has experienced water damage. In most cases, the decking will need to be replaced in order to restore your roof. Catching water damage as soon as you can is the best way to avoid having to replace the decking. 

To the untrained eye, inspecting your roof can be quite tricky - you most likely won’t know what you are looking at. So, if you want the job done correctly and to a great standard, we recommend that you call out a professional. They’re also fully insured to be up on a ladder, so they can get a thorough look.