Hanging Italian Masks for Interior Design

Italian masks have so many different uses, whether it's a costume or decor. We are focusing on the latter here as we tell you exactly how to hang the masks. Venetian masks are highly decorative, and at times have glitter, sequins, feathers as well as foil and gilding. Venetian masks are of varying quality, from being handcrafted in Italy to mass-produced in china, remember that you get what you pay for and it is worth investing int the good stuff. You know that when you are buying a  quality product that it is going to last as long as you look after it properly.

In the UK we might not celebrate the Venice carnival, however, these amazing masks can be used for other kinds of events like fancy dress parties and Halloween. People are even using them creatively, for example of social media apps like TikTok. We are going to tell you how to display your mask on the wall with simple tools so your home can be brightened up with some Italian splendour. It’s easy to hang your mask up, so don’t sweat it and follow the guide below.

Use wires or cords

Most venereal; masks will come with a  ribbon or strap that allows you to fix it to your face. Ti si recommended that you use something a little more sturdy, for example, a wire or some chords, this can be replaced, unlike the ribbon which is often crafted well. Ti will also allow you to have the ideal positioning.

Use a mask hanger

For much larger masks,m like a full face mask or one with a headdress., why not use a mask ganger, this is specialised for the specific purpose. You should be able to find online no problem at all.


You can use an empty picture frame to frame the mask, this is a really fun way of adding more razzle-dazzle yo the wall and give the mask some well-deserved framing and focu.,s ti will make it feel like the visual centrepiece that it is truly worthy of.

If you have any questions it’s advised you contact a shop that sells Venetian masks and they will surely be able to give you any specific advice and answer any burning questions you have about both the utilisation of this mask as a striking decorative interior design piece as well as information about wearing it as a Halloween fancy dress outfit and indeed the care of the mask.

Remember that Venetian masks have such a storied history and have been celebrated and handed down over the years for a very good reason. The cultural richness and ornate beauty of the designs are truly timeless and instil a classic feel on any property you hang them in or indeed any party or occasion or photo shoo that you wish to wear them at. Good luck in your future Venetian endeavours, and remember to enjoy and respect your mask and the tradition that it holds.