The Advantages of Using a Local Aerial Installer

When it comes to finding tradesmen, most people prefer to find someone local. This can be because of recommendations, or that if you use a local company, the money will most likely be put back into the local economy. There are plenty of businesses to choose from to get your tv aerials Llandudno.

If you ever need the installation company to come back for anything, then it works a lot easier if they’re nearby! Hopefully they’ll also do the job better, as they wouldn’t like to do a bad job in their area. People can talk and it would get around fast.

Why shouldn’t I choose a nationwide aerial company?

National aerial installation companies may not have their own accredited engineers, so might end up outsourcing and finding subcontractors. This subcontractor would then come to your house, figure out a quote, and carry out the work. A lot of the time, due to the overheads of these big companies and them taking huge cuts, the price tends to be very high.

On top of this, if you need to have the nationwide contractor to come back for any reason, it might be difficult to track them down. When using a local firm, it will be a lot easier to sort out any issues if they arise. They would usually fix any problems right away to keep their local reputation high.

What kind of guarantee should I expect for my aerial?

With any service you pay for, there should be some sort of warranty or guarantee that comes with it. Alongside this, there should be cover for any type of equipment installed into your property. Each item of equipment will have a warranty from the manufacturer which should be passed over to the customer. If you’re having an aerial installed, you shouldn’t accept anything lower than a year's warranty. The length of the equipment’s warranty will differ.

How long does an aerial last?

A decent, and well installed aerial should last well over 10 years, usually around 20 years or even more. There are loads of different aerials out there however, and some of them are cheaper and made from lower quality materials. The length of time it lasts will depend on both the standard and the installation of the aerial.

Unfortunately, there are some installers who will use the cheapest style of aerial they can get. With these, you’ll be lucky if they last just a year! These will last much longer if they are installed in your loft, away from the different weather conditions.

If a good quality TV aerial is installed correctly by a trained professional then you could expect it to last an impressive 15 to 25 years.

How much does it cost to have an aerial installed?

So, national firms or larger companies will usually charge more for their services due to having bigger overheads and adding on VAT. Smaller businesses and ‘one man bands’ won’t be doing this, so therefore can afford to charge less. Price can also vary for loft installations and external installations.

On average, an aerial installation for one room of your property will be around £165. This can also vary on the location of your property, and where the aerial is being placed etc. You could see a figure from anywhere between £130 and £200 for an installation.