New Windows: How They Can Improve Your Home

Have you spent the last few months trying to open a window that seems to be glued shut? Perhaps cleaning round windows that have started to get clouded with condensation? Or have you ever bought curtains to try stop a draft coming into your house from your windows? If you’ve answered yes, then it’s likely you need some new windows!

Windows Bangor can be quite a big investment, so it’s beneficial to understand just how much they can improve your home. If you choose a great window supplier and installer, you’ll be glad for your decision. New windows can also add your own style to a new home depending on what you choose. 

How can new windows improve your home?

By increasing the value of your property

Having new windows in your house will no doubt increase the value. Nowadays, all properties should at least have double glazed windows. High quality windows will definitely make your property more upmarket, with a higher guide price. 

Better energy efficiency

If you get brand new windows installed in your home, it's likely that they will be more energy efficient. If your new windows are installed correctly, they should block drafts, and allow less heat to escape. Modern style windows should have a much better efficiency level. These will be denoted in the windows U score or the Window Energy Rating (WER).

Improving the appearance of your property

New windows will make your house look better. They can freshen up a tired looking property, and make your home look smarter. 

If you’re fitting new windows onto your property, this gives you the chance to choose windows that are most suited to your home. For a modern property, you might consider aluminium frame windows, and a more traditional property would possibly suit wooden windows. 

Enhanced security and safety

Having functioning windows can improve your safety in your home. Your windows need to be accessible and usable in case they’re your only escape during a house fire. 

Modern windows lock systems will also be more secure than old windows. So, they will add extra security to your home and family, and make it more difficult for intruders to get in.

Making it more peaceful and quieter

Having newer, modern windows installed can also help reduce the noise pollution from the street outside. You’ll no longer feel like you’re in the same room as next door's barking dog, or the man across the road using the leaf blower!