Burglar Alarms North Wales – Why You Shouldn’t Fit One Yourself

Getting a burglar alarm North Wales or otherwise is a large investment. It is often a kneejerk reaction as many homeowners, after a close call or a robbery, to get one. Essentially, the act of getting a burglar alarm after you’ve already been burgled is one thing summarised in a very well known saying, choosing to bolt the door after the horses have already escaped – so to speak.

Some home owners think about the possibility of being broken into extensively enough to get a system before anything has happened, but this is a very small amount of homeowners compared to the majority.

Whatever your reasons for looking for a burglar alarm, you’ll more than likely feel a little bit lost in the entire process. There’s quite a lot of them to choose from after all, each doing different things and priced very differently. There’s also the choice of fitting your burglar alarm yourself, or taking on a professional company in order to do so.

The former depends a lot on what you want from your system, and there is no set right and no set wrong – but it does seem that with the latter, whether you want to fit your burglar alarm yourself, there is a definite right and a definite wrong. According to the Guardian’s investigation into this, the Met Police have confirmed that fitting your burglar alarm yourself is a poor idea indeed.

There’s no sales or hyperbole in this fact – the police mentioned in this investigation that the vast majority of burglar alarms are the type which are configured to sound an alarm and to do nothing else – and that 98% of the times they have been called out to these alarms, they have been false.

When it comes to whether or not you should install your own burglar alarm or pay a professional in order to do so, the police do recommend that you hire the services of a specialist company in fitting because of the fact that improper setup often results in a series of false alarms.

When you hire a specialist fitter, they will examine the entirety of your home in order to ascertain potential ways of which your alarm could be improperly set off. Lots of burglar alarms Prestatyn work using heat sensors in order to detect body heat when they are armed. Improper setup without regard of the angle of which the sensors are trained will mean that any pet, for instance, will set off the burglar alarm.

When you get your burglar alarm fitted by a professional, they will look at your house as a whole, and fit a solution that takes all of these factors in mind.