Island Industry - Anglesey Developments

Architects Anglesey are certainly working hard as the island has several major innovative projects underway.

The gorgeous isle of Ynys Mons is an ever-increasing island which merges modern life and traditional culture. It’s amazing to see so much commercial and industrial interest in this awesome location. Although some of these projects are really large scale - whatever the outcome - one thing is for sure, civil engineers and architects Anglesey have their work cut out for them.

Solar Farm

Wales’ biggest solar farm gets the go-ahead to be constructed on Anglesey with ‘countryside’ renewables’ plans for 49.0 MW scheme covering 220 acres of farmland near Cemaes the proposals which were turned down last month prompted a change of heart from members of the public after their reasons for refusal were unlikely to stand up if an appeal was made to Welsh government planning inspectors.

These awesome solar panels will be capable of powering more than 14,000 pure electric cars a year or 15,000 average UK homes. The CO2 savings over the 30 year lifetime of the project will be 612 tonnes - the equivalent of taking nearly 14,000 cars off the road.

150 homes approved in £20 Anglesey college expansion. 

The new college is set to have a new hotel, a restaurant and an engineering centre are also included in the coleg menai development in Llangefni. Coleg Menai are also gearing up to build an engineering centre at their llangefni campus to help train some of the 8,500 construction workers and 1,000 permanent staff who will be needed at the proposed wylfa newydd nuclear plant. All thanks to Architects Anglesey who are spearheading the projects.

3rd menai crossing

There have been tales of a third crossing for the steadily increasing traffic across the menai for years, THe A55 will flow right over the menai beginning travellers to the fair isle of ynys mons and back again there have been multiple proposals for the crossing of this awesome area. While plans are not yet set in stone, a third crossing is the next step in improving capacity, reliability and journey times as well as strengthening the networks service. They are aiming to start construction by the end of 2020.

Wylfa Newydd 

Wylfa Newydd (welsh for New Wylfa)  is a proposed new nuclear station on a site adjacent to the old plant. And the application to build two advanced boiling water reactors was submitted by the horizon nuclear power the the officer nuclear regulation on 4th of april last year. The jury’s still out on whether this awesome source of power will go ahead - but we shall see.