A guide to spring cleaning

It’s officially spring and so for many of us, that means one thing is a priority - spring cleaning. If you’ve just purchased / moved into a New Build apartments in Colwyn Bay, Llandudno or anywhere throughout North Wales, you may have the upper hand here. With a traditional house you may find your spring clean takes longer than anticipated, however, new build hopes seem to be easier to clean due to their brand new installations and finishes, they are also easier to maintain. A spring clean is always a great idea as it allows us to have a fresh home with a relaxed, organised and clean space to live in. If you’re like most people, the task can seem large and many of us may dread the idea, however, here are some tips for successfully completing your spring clean.

The first thing to do is obviously get your tools together. If you’ve got a near empty bottle of window cleaner, 2 bin bags and a dirty old duster - you may need to invest in some new kit. Make sure you’re well equipped with bin bags, rubber gloves, cleaner (glass, kitchen, all-purpose), sponges, cloths and more.

Before you start with the cleaning, you’re going to want to start your decluttering first. There’s no point in cleaning things you’re going to throw out and navigating your way through clutter isn’t efficient. Go through your possessions and decide what you’d like to keep and what is sitting there for the sake of it - you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted.

The next step is to make a list of the rooms in your house and make a plan. You want to approach this systematically and so working out where to spend your time and in what order will help you not only get things done quicker, but it will also allow you to work out how far you’ve completed and how much is left to do.

Once completed, you may want to invest in some new candles, flowers and home furnishings. Many of us love the fragrance they bring and it will top off your newly organised home - making your time spent there that little bit more serene.