North Wales leading the way with Civil Engineering Projects

Civil Engineering North Wales

 North Wales is leading the way for innovation in the field of civil engineering, with a great many prestigious civil engineering projects currently in the area we've decided to update you on all the goings on. Check out this artical on all the new exciting civil engineering North Wales projects.

Tidal Energy Base

The Tidal Energy Base is a revolutionary new means of producing green, renewable energy using kinetic energy taken directly from the tidal patterns of the ocean. This is harvested using kites which catch the current by being attached to the bottom of the sea-floor. The Project is called ‘Deep Green’ and uses ground-breaking technology that harnesses tidal power. The concrete structure was even designed by Minesto, and was constructed by a team of twenty by Ruthin based engineering firm Jones Bros.

This is a fantastic example of how humans can utilise natures natural laws to create the renewable energy sources which can power our homes and society. This will hopefully lead the way for widespread use of this Deep Green Technology.

“This has been a complex structure with a number of challenges to overcome. We have had to work with very tight tolerances to ensure a balance between buoyancy and weight; for the floatation and delivery of the structure, and its ability to sit on the sea bed.

“Once the structure has been manoeuvred to its location at Holyhead Deep, it will be filled with water to act as ballast to lower it to the sea bed, at which point the Minesto device will be tethered to the structure.”

Caernarfon Bypass

There is a proposal to construct a bypass to connect Caernarfon to Bontnewydd. This is because of high traffic volumes in those areas causing traffic congestion en-route to large towns and cities such as Bangor. This is due to poor road infrastructure, poor connections to Bangor and the A55, affecting quality of life and increasing a risk of collisions in the area. The council, in a bid to assuage these issues has proposed that a bypass be constructed that will reduce journey times in this area, as well as reducing accidents. This project is no small undertaking, with 22 structures and 7 bridges crossing welsh highland railway, the 300m viaducts over afon seiont and afon gwyrfai and the flood plains. 4 bridges carrying existing roads.  75% of this cost will be spent with local welsh suppliers and contractors.

Wylfa Newydd Anglesey

A nuclear reactor has been greenlit to be built in Anglesey, with the help of Horizon nuclear power which is a subsidiary of Hitachi, if this new nuclear power plant is approved then it would open in the mid-2020s providing high put out nuclear energy which is fantastic for powering homes.