Luxurious & Cost Effective Extensions

A conservatory is a high quality, yet cost effective means of acquiring more space in your home. However, a lot of homeowners would prefer to have a more substantial and solid extension rather than an uPVC conservatory, but still lets in as much natural light as possible. This is precisely where an orangery comes in; these fantastic alternatives to conservatories are made from solid brick with large windows to let in all the light you that you will need. Orangeries from Chester based home improvement specialists are a fantastic addition to a home in need of renovating or if you simply need that extra bit of space.

A traditional conservatory is built using around 80% glass and 20% structural material such as aluminium or uPVC; however, an orangery is built from roughly 50% glass and 50% brickwork, making them a far more robust extension option. Their solid state also means they are a far more permanent feature of your home and require far less upkeep and maintenance than a traditional conservatory. This is due to the larger windows being divided by the brick pillars and columns, unlike conservatories, whose large glass windows will become noticeably dirty if neglected.

The way that an orangery is built means that the room is insulted just as efficiently as any other room in your home. A conservatory can often be limited to use during the summer due to the colder temperatures and the way that the extension is attached. Orangeries are often used as extensions for a variety of different rooms such as living or dining space and kitchens, whereas conservatories are limited due to the style and insulation of the room.

Opting to have an orangery designed and built will guarantee to add additional value to your home. A reliable and experienced home improvement company in the Cheshire will be able to provide you with as much information as you need, and potentially provide you with a free quotation.