Caring for the Roof of your Building!

We spoke to Architects in Flintshire about Proper Roof Care

Taking care of roofs is an important aspect of building care. It protects us from all kinds of severe weather conditions and let us not forget that without it we’d be staring up at the sky and getting rained on! In order for the building to be able to do its job properly, it needs the love and support that only a responsible building owner can provide.

Knowledge is power

Its incredibly important to know your building back to front, front to back. Understanding the architecture, history and social importance. How it works and is supported as a structure will lead you to success, allowing you to do with it what you will. Architects Flintshire are able to build some fantastic homes which can lead to success in this area.

According to a survey conducted by the roofing consumer advice resource roofpedia. 86 percent of homeowners in the UK checked their roof once a year while over 40 percent admit to never checking a roof.
So its all good saying that, Why should I inspect my roof?

Well, the first and foremost reason why homeowners experience problems is neglect, this can result in such issues as a leak, a slipped tile, or showing signs of damp or mould. It’s a really good idea to check your roof once annually so you can find problems before they evolve into more serious structurally compromising issues, and you can deal with it immediately. It would be wise to do a check after extreme weather conditions which could have compromised the state of the roof.
The culture of ignoring roof totally until problems arrive means that remedies for these issues are far more expensive than just checking regularly. Regular checks can mean the difference between thousands of pounds worth of damage or a simple half hour job.

So, there’s our top tip for today- check your roof once a year, and you won't spoil those Architects Flintshire and roofing company’s hard work in providing you with a safe, warm and cosy home.

Look for tiles that look crooked or discoloured.

Ensure your gutters are clean, removing leaves twigs moss and debris. This should be done twice per annum to avoid your gutter getting clogged with sedentary build-up of debris. If the ridge line is sipping up and down, look out for sloping and zig zag pattern signs.

When your roof is being referred, look out for
·         High Standards
·         Quality Workmanship
·         A wealth of Expertise & Knowledge