Signs Your Kitchen Needs Replacing

The kitchen is somewhere you spend a lot of time, it’s where you cook, socialise, relax and more. Over time, our kitchens experience general wear and tear and end up looking not so fresh and functional as they used to. If you’ve debated looking for a kitchen designer in Bangor or North Wales, here are some of the signs that suggest a new kitchen is much needed.

Maybe the look of your kitchen isn’t that bad, however, the functionality prevents you from using it efficiently. There is nothing worse than trying to maneuver around a kitchen that just doesn’t work, whether you’re cooking a meal or washing up, you need everything to work simply and be accessible without frustration.

Your kitchen cabinets may seem okay from afar, but they are exposed to a lot of water and steam. Water damage can cause your cabinets to become swollen, change colour or even prevent them from closing properly. If the wood has started to warp, become mouldy, peel or bubble, perhaps it's time to consider replacing them. Not only can cabinets become damaged, but also your fittings.
Nowadays homeowners are doing everything they can to reduce clutter and so many are replacing old cabinets with new ones that have in built bins, storage and appliances. There is also a rise in those wanting electrical opening cabinets that make those trips from the dishwasher carrying a pile of plates that little easier.

Perhaps you’re thinking about a new look for your kitchen after browsing through hundreds of pinterest pins or interior magazines. Your cabinets often take up a large percentage of the kitchen and so if they don’t fit your new theme or style, they may need to be replaced. From traditional farmhouse to modern contemporary, you’ll find lots of different styles to choose from, brightening up your kitchen and leaving you with a fantastic new space to relax in.