Reasons to Buy a Branded Wood Burning Stove

You might have decided that the natural heat of a wood burning stove or a log burner is for you, and you’re presently commencing the daunting task of checking around online stores, physical showrooms, DIY shops, and all manner of other places in order to make sure that you’re getting the very best deal possible.

There are a boatload of wood burning stoves out there, and you might decide that the cheapest one that you can get is entirely appropriate for the task of heating your house. Cheaper wood burning stoves are often unbranded, and when you pay a little extra, you’re only really paying for a name, right? Well, wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth – and when it comes to wood burning stoves, you really do get what you pay for.

Branded wood burning stoves from notable, respected manufacturers which as Charnwood wood burning stoves, Villager wood burning stoves  (to mention a few of the larger brands) will generally last years and years beyond their unbranded equivalents. Branded wood burning stoves also contain so many more things, as well.

Take features such as Cleanburn and Airwash technology. These features helps you get you get the very most from your fire with every single burn by respectively making your fuel last longer, give off more heat, and allows for better views of the fire itself. Branded stoves have these features built into them, and with unbranded stoves, you’ll more than likely find yourself fidgeting and fidgeting with it in order to either keep the window clean or add in more and more fuel.

Construction quality is also very important with branded stoves as well. Cast iron wood burning stoves are generally considered better than stainless steel ones (stainless steel is a metal which is useful for very many things, but it is much weaker when heated than cast iron and over years and years can warp) and most branded offerings are indeed cast iron, offering the durability and the lifespan you’d expect of such an investment.