Key Takeaways From The Houzz Kitchen Trends Study

The New Year is all about starting fresh and that applies to the home too. With so many thinking about getting a fitted kitchens in Bangor or North Wales, here are some of the key takeaways from the Houzz Kitchen Trends Report 2018.

The first thing the report talks about is clutter and how homeowners are becoming more and more obsessed with decluttering. This means that there is a rise in built-in cabinets which offer hidden storage and organisation, hiding all of our clutter and offering clean and clutter free worktops. This also extends to items that are normally free standing in the kitchen, such as pins becoming pull out, dish and utensils being stored in cabinets and also wine fridges becoming more and more popular.

Many homeowners are starting to introduce electronics and appliances with features such as voice control. This is not just for modern kitchens either, those with traditional themed kitchens have also been adding technology to their homes, including home assistant devices and wireless speakers. With the advancement of technology it is no surprise that integrating it into our homes and kitchens is on the rise, despite kitchen style, we can expect to see the technology trend continue to grow.

Over 40% of people getting a kitchen renovation said it was because the could ‘no longer stand the old kitchen’ with the other 60% quoting that they wanted to do it all along and finally had the means, their old kitchen deteriorated, were recently inspired or wanted to improve for a resale. With websites such as pinterest offering lots of kitchen inspiration, it is clear to see how many can no longer stand their kitchen, looking to recreate the beautiful kitchens they see online.

There was a clear favour for white in the kitchn from countertops to walls and cabinets. Flooring had a 52% vote for wood finishes, with gray, brown, beige and multicoloured getting less than 13% of the vote each. With the kitchen becoming more than just a place to cook, it is clear to see why many are opting for a bright and spacious white kitchen, creating a welcoming space to relax and socialise in.

Best Sellers
When it comes to kitchen accessories and fittings, there were 5 clear best sellers, including sinks, bar stools, tiles, cabinets and range hoods. There is a big interest in Moroccan themed kitchens at the moment so it's no surprise that tiles are on the rise with Moroccan patterned tiles adding warms and interesting features to your kitchen.