How to Finance Property Development with Commercial Finance

Leasing and Commercial Financing Options

If you’re a property developer, investor or landlord there is a range of great finance options available to assist you in kick starting your new construction project.

Typically, no matter the location those all-important plant machineries which is an integral part of the construction process are funded by commercial finance, North Wales or anywhere else in the country for that matter. Without this, construction-based start-ups would be impossible to get going – who has the outright cash for all that kit?

Whether a large or small business, making use of commercial finance UK can be incredibly beneficial in financing pre-used and new assets in the construction industry.

Commercial finance in Llandudno can be the ideal tool to grow your business. Asset finance is one of the most accessible and flexible forms of financing this is because as a form of leasing between an individual and a leasing company it gives you that option of leasing instead of buying outright. You enter a hire agreement. You will hire equipment and pay an agreed pre-arranged sum for a set period that usually is between 1-5 years. There is an extensive range of asset finance solutions that will become available. These are used to describe a wide range of products that can provide funding against physical assets that are supplied such as plants, equipment, vehicles, technology and other forms of machinery.

When a business requires capital to fund purchases, explore growth opportunities or pay suppliers, commercial finance solutions are available

SMEs who deal with rising costs can take advantage of purchases being spread to a manageable portion.

Enabling quicker decision times from lenders which means quicker delivery of machinery, vehicles and equipment.

Payment terms are spread over short, long or extended terms and can be negotiated and amended whilst still in contract.

Saving money with Commercial Finance.

Commercial finance means that you only pay for the asset’s value during its productive life – you read that right, you don’t pay an upfront premium for your new machinery.

Financial control

Commercial asset finance also allows the option of maintaining control over monthly outgoings, enabling you to easily keep track of costs.