5 Reasons to Love Your Modern New-Build Home

Period features may be the trend that everyone talks about, however, although it looks great - there are a number of downfalls. From numerous repairs to old installations and high energy bills, opting for an older house can leave you feeling financially stretched in the long run. With lots of new build houses and apartments for sale in colwyn bay and North Wales - there’s a reason they’re so popular. Here are 5 reasons you should love your new build home!

With new build houses comes new installations and fittings. Your home will be much easier to heat, especially in this cold winter weather due to the efficiency of your modern heating systems. You will find your bills are lower as you aren’t spending it all on running your home, allowing you to use these vital saving elsewhere.

No Surprises Down The Line!
Although you may find a house that looks amazing, there’s no telling what nasty surprises you may find further down the line. Buying a new build means that you are the first to live in it and the amenities are completely unused - they won’t be breaking anytime soon! Those living in older houses may find themselves constantly paying out for maintenance and repairs, something we new build owners are not familiar with!

No Chain
There is no shortage of horror stories concerning broken chains - it’s a horrible situation to be in. With new build homes, we don’t have to experience the stress of relying on others to complete the process - we simply move in!

It’s Yours
Unlike older homes, your new build is built to your specs - from wallpaper and flooring to kitchen style and appliances, your home is designed completely by you. The benefit of this is that you are not redoing someone else's work, it’s a clean slate for you to make your mark on.

It’s Secure
You will have peace of mind knowing that your house is secure with modern locks on doors and window, also backed up by the latest alarms and security measures in place.