The View - New Jewel on the Cliffs of Old Colwyn

Blue Bay Homes are heading a new project - ‘The View’ which is positioned on the precipice overlooking Old Colwyn and Colwyn Bay. These contemporary and luxury homes boast dramatic sea views. A lot of excitement has been generated from this project as it is on the peak overlooking the bay of Colwyn, with panoramic views far off into the Irish Sea.

This space is of significant emotional importance in the minds of locals. This characteristic outcrop is well known in the area for its commanding position high above the bays, visible from any point for miles.
This stretch of North Wales coastline can easily be considered one of the most breath-taking in all of Europe.

Being constructed in the site of the old famous ‘Hotel 70 Degrees’. This was a landmark building and incredibly famous for its view of the scenery. After this building was cleared after being left derelict for some length of time. The Conwy civic council said that this was one of the greatest locations in all North Wales and demanded something special
This is where the fabulous Blue Bay Homes ‘The View’ project came into conception. Rows of luxury townhouses and apartment with the brilliant scenery at the doorstep.
Coastal apartments north wales have been constructed with serious consideration to the environment, appreciating the prominent place which is visible for miles around it is imperative that this project was also aesthetically pleasing to onlookers.
Another aspect of the benefits of living at ‘The View’ is the sheer ease of access for a commute to the express way and therefore the greater area. This means one can be within reach of Bangor, Chester, Liverpool and Manchester very easily.
Those with romantic ideas of living in a house built on a Cliffside, atop a naturally formed tower can have those dreams finally realised.

Why should you have to sacrifice either luxury or outstanding natural beauty, when it’s in our view that you can have both. Anyone seeking access to some marvellous apartments with unmatched sea view and modern living amenities. An apartment of this calibre is more affordable than you first might think, as this is covered by the welsh assembly government's Help to Buy Scheme.