It’s Never Been Better To Buy A Wood Burning Stove

Energy prices have gone up yet again – making the fourth consecutive year that heating prices have gone up significantly just when it is needed. It could be considered that few things in this life are ever actually certain – Death, Taxes, and rising energy bills come winter time.

The British public start to grow accustomed to such affairs, but the feeling of being ripped off certainly isn’t going anywhere. For instance, the last three months of 2016 saw power prices at the highest levels they had ever been for two years, and recent reports have indicated that energy prices in Winter 2017 look to be even higher.  

There is a way to not be beholden to the price gouging of energy companies. Investing in a good wood burning stove is an excellent option – and lots of people and households across the UK have each taken the plunge, as heating has become quite the financial burden for very many people. Don’t be under the impression that a wood burning stove carries no costs whatsoever – the stove itself as well as installation is certainly an investment which is comparable to the costs of getting a boiler.

Branded stoves are always the best option for reliability and safety, and there are a number of online retailers which offer fantastic deals on stoves of all make and model. Fantastic online discounts, as well as less running costs mean that wood burning stoves are so much easier on the wallet to run, the investment will pay off in no time at all.

How much money can be saved depends on how far you’re willing to go. While purchasing pre-treated logs as fuel will still work out (far) less expensive than electric and gas heating, even more money can be saved should you buy unseasoned logs for even cheaper, and let them sit for a year before burning them.

Even with chimney sweep fees factored into the yearly costs of running a wood burning stove, there’s still so much money to be saved, as well as the opportunity to stick it to the greedy energy corporations which take advantage of so many people year upon year.