Civil Engineering Projects in North Wales

Civil engineering is engineering in application with the public sector. This includes services like waterworks, power, security and much more. North Wales’ natural build up presents many opportunities as well as challenges that must be addressed by civil engineers. It could be said that engineering is the attempts of man harnessing the raw power of nature to aid the flourishing of life on earth.

Gwynt y Mor

The tallest wind turbines ever are off the coast of North Wales, producing clean renewable energy. What could be considered as a massive step forward in innovation worldwide. Gwynt y Mor is internationally the second largest wind for that there is.

Dolgarrog Power Station

The power station in Dolgarrog is another example of renewable energy in North Wales, this hydro-electric station is the oldest in Wales, and after a long and storied career it seemed like this operation was finally to come to an end. However, this was not to be, thanks to a +£7 million investment into refurbishment the life of the plant. This includes the installation of new concrete bases, including the application of cable ducts and earth rods. The team at north wales civil engineering firm Alwyn Jones were in charge of this project along with much more.

Reinstatement Works for the Coed-ty Reservoir
The Coe-ty reservoir is an important source of water for the surrounding areas and beyond. The reservoir has had overflow systems built into it to deal with such a result. The force of this river at its full flow was enough to destabilise the integrity of this system. As a result, Alwyn Jones were contracted to remedy this situation by instigating the repositioning of several boulders which were in the path of the drainage system.

Brenig Construction Company

Because of Rhyl and the Vale of Clwyd’s challenging position on the coast of Wales, modern coastal defence infrastructure is integral to the continual security of life there. This includes Concrete repairs, breaking out and construction of new leading and the beach. The removal of promenade railings and carrying out concrete repairs, and preparing for new marshal barriers. Replacing the original coastal defences with fresh up-to-date ‘redi-rock’. This is a huge leap forward for coastal defences in the area. Brenig Construction Company were responsible for this.