Branded Wood Burning Stoves vs Unbranded

Are you looking for a wood burning stove for the coming winter? Do you want to tailor it to the room which it is in, and have a premium feeling of warmth to accompany long winter nights? You're not the only one. It's the end of August and the winter is to come very soon - and you might be in the market for a wood burning stove.

Choice is very important when it comes to making a significant investment in a stove, and you may find this is very limited with off-brand stoves. Off-brand stoves do indeed seem to fit two categories – modern and traditional, and there is absolutely no variance of this at all. You unfortunately won’t find any custom colouring options alike Gazco stoves with no-name stoves from DIY shops, or even the fantastic, premium feeling of an offering from Charnwood stoves as you close the door of your stove.

It's very well known that you tend to get what you’re given with off-brand stoves, whether it's boring black exteriors or a strange, clunky slam when you shut the door, and sadly, that is the way it is.

While these things indeed are somewhat annoying - there’s even more bad news when it comes to buying offbrand stoves, and that is poor efficiency.

You may have seen unbranded stoves for around a few hundred pounds within DIY stores, but they’re rather well known for their issues. When you’re going for a wood burning stove for the sake of lowering your heating bills, the savings you can make can be drastically reduced by the fact that your stove isn’t particularly efficient. Branded stoves have a ton of research put into them, to guarantee a solid investment that looks good, and lasts the long term.

Another thing to consider when it comes to weighing up offbranded stoves vs branded stoves is that cheaper stoves are generally not designed to heat domestic hot water. In order to do so, you’ll need a stove with a boiler for central heating and domestic hot water. The stoves that you see at massive chain DIY Stores are not intended for this use whatsoever – and are simply designed to heat a single room.

The more money you spend on logs of course directly impacts the amount of money you save – and this combined with having a lower heat output means that regardless of how many logs you go through, you’ll still have a stove which is unsuitable for a larger room… leaving you with, at best, a stove which cannot perform as well as it should, a large fuel bill, and of course all of the money you waste would likely pay for one of the more expensive stoves five times over.
Essentially, the purchase of a stove is a significant long-term investment, and alike everything else in the world, you genuinely do seem to get what you pay for, with style, choice, safety, performance and efficiency part of every purchase.

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