Top 10 tips for choosing the right style carpet for your rooms

Before you jump right in and deck out your home with brand new carpets North Wales, there should be some consideration upon the best approach and your requirements – ensuring you get the most from your carpets for years to come.

Here are our top tips for choosing the right style and fibre carpet for your rooms:

1. Choose the right colour. This might seem obvious, but colours are sometimes different to how they appear in photographs. For this reason, it’s recommended that you either; go and view the carpet North Wales in real life or request samples, which will minimise your risk and ensure you pick the right coloured carpet.

2. Consider the area where the carpet is fitted when looking at price. The amount of wear, footfall and general soiling will vary from place to place, thus ensuring you get more durable carpets for these places. For example, a downstairs hall way will receive much more usage than any of the upstairs. Don’t take the cheapest option here, as it will show wear fairly quickly.

3. Measure your room fully and accurately – including the spaces by doorways and any alcoves in the room. It is fairly common for people to forget these measurements and in turn creates more hassle for them going forward fitting the carpet.

4. Consider carefully your carpet underlay as it influences your carpets overall feel and long term durability.

5. Read up on the carpets care guidelines – some can be cleaned with small percentages of bleach mix, whilst others will lose their colour or stain. Ensure you know how yours needs caring for.

6. Be ready for your delivery or fitting to take place. If you are awaiting a delivery, ensure you have space and the ability to move your carpet rolls around (they can be heavy)!

7. Fitting time – consider who is going to do this… will it be you on a DIY job? Or will it be a professional fitter? You should ensure that you choose someone who will do a perfect job and do your new carpets justice!

8. Ensure the tools are ready for you to do the job (if DIY)

9. Think about the additional accessories required – the carpet underlay, the door trims and the perimeter trims will all be needed to successfully fit the carpet

10. Review your provider and/or fitter… this is the best way to share experience and kind words about anyone that is worthy of it. Many suppliers and fitters earn their reputation this way, so do help them out!

Gaskins Carpets North Wales are a reputable supplier and fitter that can offer you advice and complete carpet fitting with gorgeous carpets.