How to Make Small Kitchen Spaces Work

If you’re looking to upgrade your smaller sized kitchen, you might be finding that you have more of a challenge than everyone else. You’ll want to make it look more spacious, clean and tidy whilst incorporating all of those modern amenities you need to make it a more versatile space. Kitchen designers Rhyl have some tips to help you make the best of your kitchen.
Consolidate – It’s very easy to make a smaller kitchen look untidier compared to a larger kitchen. Of course this is because there is more activity in a more confined space. In an ideal world, you’ll want it to look tidier and to achieve that, you’ll need to consolidate. It means making perfect use of your entire kitchen to create beautifully clear worktops and more open space for you to work in.
Make good use of the wall space – Instead of having cupboards that overflow with all the utensils that you need, it certainly makes more sense to extend your cabinet space all the way to the roof. Older style cabinets will only reach so high, leaving you with plenty of inaccessible wasted space. On the other hand, why not go for cabinets that drop right down to the ground with plinth drawers.
Lighter colours – It’s no secret that lighter colours open up spaces and reflect light. Use this inspiration for your cupboards, counter tops and splash backs to create a more inviting space for you. If you can, incorporate this into your crockery try create the appearance of an uncluttered kitchen.
Multi Use Cabinets & Accessories – Just because you don’t currently have the space doesn’t mean you should go without. Nowadays it’s incredibly easy to incorporate multi use cupboards and accessories that will help you to get the best out of your kitchen. Fold away tabletops, hide away bins and hidden ingredients cupboards are all great ideas that can be incorporated into your kitchen’s design.