What the Results of the Election Mean for Property

As the whole of the UK look toward the results of last night’s election, the shadows of Brexit seem to grow ever larger. Insecurity is growing across the nation, and the result of the hung parliament has made people in North Wales and beyond concerned for what is to come. The housing industry in particular has even more reason to be worried. The act of developing housing estates is of course perturbing for most housing developers, as the cost of building has historically gone up, and the skillset required to build houses is often not ideal due to a lack of construction workers across the UK.

Essentially, housebuilders and construction workers are very in-demand, as the youth of today find it an unappealing career choice. And then there’s Brexit. Brexit brings with it further challenges, with the cost of importing materials which will be part of trading with the EU after the UK has formally left – the falling value of Sterling, and of course the recent election result which means that as Brexit talks start, the possibility of the UK being able to negotiate a fair deal have just got slimmer with no certain winner of the election.

So how can the UK housebuilding and construction market stay afloat when it seems that the odds are stacking and stacking against them each day? The answer is ingenuity. The UK has a great reputation across the world for its variety of incentives including BREEAM. BREEAM is the world’s leading standard in sustainability, and focuses on all aspects of sustainable building – whether ventilation, insulation, low impact materials, and flood resilience.

Furthermore, BREEAM has done wonders to help the UK export. There are a number of British housebuilders which have a variety of developments throughout the UK, from as local as Gwynt y Mor – Brand new apartments for sale Llandudno which are built to BREEAM standard - incorporating local supply, local companies and local workers. Politics might be politics, but quality itself always wins out. Jobs can be sustained by investing in the area around us, and taking advantage of local supply in particular.

BREEAM standards are getting more and more important as time goes on, and BREEAM in itself is one of the highest building standards which can allow the UK to continue to export.