How to Create a More Environmentally Sustainable Kitchen

More of us are giving a thought to how we are impacting the planet. So much so, new homes are now being built in a more sustainable manner to meet the demand of more environmentally aware buyers. But did you know that a greener kitchen can increase your home’s overall value? This is because more people believe that their homes both hold most value, yet uses the majority of the home's energy.

So how are fitted kitchens North Wales going about this?

LED Lighting - According to a leading UK energy supplier, lighting is our homes second largest energy expense, next to heating. So it makes sense that we use energy efficient lighting, to save us both energy consumption and money.

Sustainable worktops and cabinets – Many fitted kitchen brands today are becoming more environmentally friendly by sourcing their materials ethically. Some wood products might even have the FSC stamp of approval which means that the wood is certified

Energy saving appliances – This one should be a pretty easy feat for any kitchen buyer. Just make sure that your next appliance has an A+ Energy rating or above. This will be clearly labelled on your item before you purchase. Sustainable kitchens are probably the one circumstance where the old works beautifully with the new so don’t be afraid to make a statement here.

Reclaiming special pieces – There are certain decorative items you can give a new lease of life to make your kitchen something special. Lampshades or shelving is an easy way to incorporate reclaimed items which can be recoloured to suit your style.

Grow your own herbs – Your kitchen designer will be able to incorporate features that will help you keep more sustainable kitchen such as the ideal hub to store your indoor herb garden. Or ingredients drawers to keep the food you already have, fresher for longer.