Universal Design and Public Involvement in Construction North Wales

Individual design is seen in many things in modern life. Whether it is something as simple as a haircut, a set of shoes being tailored for an individual, or something else entirely, it is very easy and very apparent to see things being designed for individuals. Take Construction North Wales for instance, having a house designed is often the work an architect undertakes – but for the majority, they elect to live in housing which has been designed for a demographic and an idea – and not for them especially.    

Universal Design is geared toward understanding what people do on a day to day basis, and then deciding the best thing to be delivered at the time where it matters. If you compare a home today to what it was 20 years ago, you’ll more than likely see a few differences, and we’re certain that it isn’t just cosmetic. What is relied upon in a home has changed so very significantly in the form of internet access. Widely named the Fourth Utility, internet access is a must in houses nowadays, no matter where you build or what sort of housing you are building.

What is also imperative is user involvement in the design process. Should a construction firm engage a large amount of people, their own design by that virtue will accommodate a wider range of people than the one which the brief perhaps started with. Take North Wales based Brenig Construction for instance. In a region, North Wales, which historically has had quite a lot of naysayers and objections, even protests – to land development, Brenig Construction involved local people in their build of Penmaenmawr Road in Llanfairfechan.

The properties constructed were affordable housing for the community, to be added onto previous developments, something which typically would invoke ire from the existing property owners. Brenig Construction’s design was universally inclusive, prompting interest in the developments. Furthermore, their work in using sustainable materials sourced only from the North Wales area, supply firms from North Wales only, as well as creating jobs in construction for apprentices.

Universal design and public involvement in which results in far more projects being viewed favourably and far more public demand in builds – and are the starting points to creating communities to be proud of.