Many of us don’t seem to make major changes to our homes exterior appearance. It seems that the interior is often considered more important when in reality, they should be considered at around about the same level. Sure enough you could say that placing a few exterior decorations makes a difference at this period, but we want to talk about long term difference. While planting a few new flowers in the spring time brightens the exterior up we believe that there are better ways to make your exterior more attractive. Here decorators in North Wales offer their advice on how exactly you can spruce up your outside.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to give your exterior more of a personality is to decorate your front door and refresh your exterior paint. Here we have entailed a couple of ideas on how to pick a great exterior feature for the front door and achieve a successful paint job.


Many will think that door pieces are only for those trying to employ somewhat of a traditional vibe. However, there are numerous styles and sizes available. You are able to buy a pre-made wreath in any superstore, though the real fun and personalisation will come following the making of the wreath yourself.

When making a wreath, the best and easiest way is to use grapevine bases. These are great as they already look pretty. As they have natural spaces between their vines, it is easy to insert your own plants, flower stems, greenery, ribbon and other decorations – all without added adhesives. You’ll be able to decide yourself if you want decorations all around, or simply on a certain area. Once completed, hang it for all to see your crafty creation.

Whether its seasonal or longer term, this is a great way to add character to your exterior.

Paint Job

Applying a new exterior paint job will make a huge difference. Most people don’t repaint their exteriors for years or even decades. Over time, the paint job will have taken a battering from the weather, thus consequently your exterior will be much duller and worn in parts. When applying a brand new layer of paint – or changing the colour completely, you offer a complete new lease of life to your property. 

While exterior painting such as touching up certain areas can be done by yourself or by a local handyman, there are decorating contractors North Wales that are on hand to help those in the area.

An article entailing tips for achieving a great interior paint job can be found here with ProPaint. These decorating contractors North Wales can offer advice and exterior painting for buildings.

Just a few changes by adding a wreath or refreshing you paint can go a long way. There are countless advocates of refreshing your exterior paint job on an annual basis, ensuring your home or commercial property is looking clean, fresh and attractive.

Wreath image by Tony Alter / License
Painted Garage image by Yankee Barn / License