What is Civil Engineering and why is it ever so important?

Civil engineering is considered among the oldest engineering disciplines, with our immediate environments such as our homes and towns being the direct result of this type of work. 

If we recognise that thousands of years ago, putting a tree across a river, or creating a type of home that provides a roof over heads are early, prime examples of early civil engineering.

Civil engineers past and present have worked to create what many of us would define as modern civilisation. The most obvious constructions include the likes of buildings and bridges, which are of course, essential to the modern age way of living.

Roads, railroads, subway systems and airports are all designed by these civil engineers – and roads, railroads, subway systems, airports and factories are all major creations that have benefited from the development of the industry. 

While these are obvious signs of excellent civil engineering, the work undertaken by workers within this industry are not limited to these examples. It could be anything that is has simple as opening a tap and expecting the water to come out. Even this was created and is manipulated to fit different set-ups and environments through civil engineering techniques.

Civil engineers do a lot more than just designing and creating buildings and bridges. Think of any major industry. Be it automation or aerospace, civil engineers are essential to creating the features within these industries that could be anywhere from designing highly effective, resistant and high performing wings for an aeroplane, to ensuring that your car is safely built with the latest technologies.

Civil engineers work across the world and have one thing in common; the desire to advance infrastructure, push boundaries and help man kind to live and enjoy life to a more efficient, happier and energy efficient way. Alwyn Jones building contractors and civil engineers in North Wales are a prime example of a company that works with its utmost motivation and desire to deliver what is expected by both clients and the people that will be subject to new construction and facilities.

Image by 'Life-Of-Pix' / Licence