The Many Benefits of Roof Trusses

Roof trusses are an essential component in the construction of houses. They offer additional roof support, as well as flexibility when it comes to the layout of a building.

Roof trusses are individually made and designed to fit every unique building, and their structure can be adapted to suit even the most complex of building layouts. Made from solid timber and reinforced with sturdy metal plate fasteners, roof trusses are built to last the duration of a building.

Roof trusses are not only beneficial for providing support and structure to buildings, they also save on time and building costs, which can quickly add up. Roof trusses are crafted and put together before they reach the building site that they are intended for – saving the money spent in on-site construction costs.

As they are pre-fabricated, it also means they can be installed within a building incredibly efficiently. Typically, an installation of roof trusses will take around a day's work – depending on the size of the job. This is fantastic for both residential and commercial building developments which have a set completion date.

Some types of roof trusses can combine both practicality and attractiveness. Feature roof trusses, for example, are a decorative type of roof truss, which can be found displayed externally within houses and buildings. Feature roof truss designs can be adapted to suit the ideas of the client, and also offer some additional roof support.

When selecting a feature truss manufacturer, shop around and look for one who offers a completely tailor-made design service to ensure that your truss centrepiece is exactly what you envisioned.

As roof trusses are crafted from timber, this makes them easily recyclable. Timber is one of the few truly renewable resources, and does not require heavy processing, which often uses up a great deal of power.

Timber roof trusses offer the same robustness and lifespan as other materials used within roof construction, and so with the ever-growing concerns about the environment – roof trusses appear to be an obvious construction choice.