LED Options to Light Up Your Home

LED lighting is not only an incredibly efficient option; it can also add style and a touch of personalisation to your home. Whether you’d like some LED rope lights for the garden, or LED strips to light up your kitchen cabinets, there are a number of possibilities.
Here are a few ideas to inspire you to creatively use LED lighting within your home and garden.


 LED rope lights and LED fixtures are a great way to add soft lighting within your garden. They can be used both decoratively and practically. Placing LED lights along garden paths not only looks attractive, but can also help you to find your way!

LED rope lighting is perfect for draping and wrapping around trees, verandas and sheds. With many LEDs being colour customisable, you can create a colourful yet soft glow to suit the theme of your garden.

LED fixtures can also be used as an effective outdoor light. Since they reach their full brightness much quicker than traditional bulbs, they’re great for when you need to quickly pop outside at night.


 LED strips are commonly used within kitchens to add atmospheric lighting above and below cabinets and shelves. Not only does this look stylish and adds prominence to the areas that you’d like to show off, it also adds beneficial lighting.

Traditional incandescent lighting produces heat when on, and if the lighting is close to food products in the kitchen, this could cause them to warm up over time. LED lights do not produce heat when they’re on, which means the lighting can be used over food products within your kitchen without affecting them.

If your kitchen is a particular colour, LED strip lights can be purchased in a range of shades to suit it perfectly – pink, blue or plain white, the customisation choice is endless with this type of lighting.

Living Area

 LED lighting can also be used to replace the main lighting in your home. The lifespan of LED lights is much longer than traditional light bulbs, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often.

Most of us have experienced the inconvenience of having a light bulb suddenly burn out on us. This isn’t an issue with LEDs, as they slowly dim over time, giving you time to replace them before they cut out completely.

LED lights also give out more lumens per watt, which means you need less of them to light your room than traditional bulbs. They also use up less electrical power, saving you money on your bills over time.

LED lights can also be added to your stairs, either under the steps or going along the banister. These can be activated through a motion sensor or through pressure from stepping on the stairs, if you feel like being inventive!