Selecting an Oil Distributor for Domestic Heating Oil

Heating oil, which is also referred to as kerosene and burning oil, is used within homes for a number of purposes.

Whether you use it within your pressure jet boiler or to fuel your range style cooker – it’s likely you’ll want to select high quality heating oil. Low quality fuels can reduce the performance of your domestic appliances, and cause issues within your fuel tank over time.

Purchasing oil from a reputable company, such as Quad Fuels, is a worthwhile investment. Not only will you receive a high quality fuel, you’ll also be given expert advice on which fuel is best for your personal requirements.

To get you started, you’ll want to consider whether you require premium or standard grade kerosene. Standard grade, as the name suggests, is typically cheaper than premium grade, however the burn produced from standard grade is less clean.

A clean burn is essential for those looking to avoid inconvenient build-ups of sooty deposits within their fuel tanks. Whilst this may not be obvious the first few times of using standard grade fuel, it tends to build up over months of use.

A bit of soot isn’t likely to cause too much of an issue, but if left, it can lead to blockages and a reduction in the performance of the appliance you are trying to fuel. A professional tank cleaning can be quite costly, but it can typically be avoided through selecting a good quality fuel.

You may have heard of fuel additives. There are a wide range of fuel additives, and they each have different purposes and advantages. Fuel additives for domestic heating oil can extend the lifespan of your fuel, ensuring that your appliances continue to run at their highest performance possible.

Increasing the shelf life of your fuel reduces the risk of fuel tank corrosion, which can occur through the storage of fuel which is past its best. This in turn reduces the amount of servicing your tank will need, saving you money.