Accessible Bathrooms in North Wales

Accessible bathrooms can be quite expensive, and also bereft of a lot of the choice that you tend to have with conventional bathrooms. Furthermore, finding a supplier can often be tricky.

There’s no denying that while of course there’s a market for accessible bathrooms in Conwy– as everyone should have the right to live independently in their own homes – designing an accessible bathroom for wheelchair users can nonetheless be tricky, as not a lot of manufacturers tend to consider the needs of the disabled or those with mobility impairment, let alone the fact that taste and style should apply to this market as well.

It’s undeniably true that the bathroom can be easily considered one of the most dangerous places of all in the home, as of course the tub and the shower can be a very serious danger to those with mobility problems. Falls can be due to small spaces to manuever, bending and lifting required when accessing a bath, as well as the fact that condensation tends to make areas slippery.

RN Williams of St Asaph provide a full bathroom design service, which can take in mind the needs of disabled users, or those with movement impairment. They will consider a series of questions within their designs, such as what bathroom activities require you as an individual to need assistance. It’s one thing stating that those with movement impairment may cause strain for most, but each disability, as well as each person, is a very different thing.  

Your needs will be considered when you have RN Williams design a bathroom for you – not general needs. After all, it’s your bathroom. Should you need medical supplies nearby, RN Williams can provide a series of accessible, simple to use but stylish options to store what is needed in an inconspicuous manner. Whether or not you prefer a bath or a shower will also be considered. Bathrooms without baths tend to look a little empty, but RN Williams’ design team can turn even the most vacant bathroom into something beautiful.