Warm up your house this winter!

Winter’s well and truly here, and we’re feeling the chill. There are a multitude of products out there which can avail the cold a little this winter, but we find there’s no amount of blankets that can keep the chilliest houses warm. Central heating isn’t a bad invention either, but for proper warmth that feels natural (and quite frankly nice) there’s absolutely nothing better than a good stove.

Stoves are pretty uncommon in most houses, which means that they’re very sought after. But what do you look for in a stove? There are some of us that prefer the traditional look when it comes to these useful and practical statement pieces, to better match the character of older houses.

As such, manufacturers such as Dunsley Stoves and most particularly their Yorkshire wood burning stove are in high demand. This beautiful stove bleeds character, very solid construction and has a built in thermostat which is designed to directly monitor your central heating temperature and controls the incoming air into the stove in order to regulate just how fiercely the fire within it burns – in order to meet the requirement you place upon it.  

Alternatively, contemporary stoves are a beautiful centrepiece to any modern house. Brands such as Morso Stoves are very sought after, and these brands are but a few of a bigger variety of manufacturers which are known for their absolutely amazing design. These stoves certainly possess the wow factor in their build, quality and their design – and are a fantastic investment and a very real talking point within your home.

Fires Online is an excellent supplier of a number of wood burning stoves, and are truly experts in the field. Don’t be dissuaded by the fact that it’s online – it’s actually another trading handle of the very respected RN Williams of St Asaph, which has been involved within stove supply to the greater UK area for a number of years.