New Homes and the Environment

What’s in a new home? For many, a new home provides many things. You might be coming up to looking for a new home, and there’s so much choice around, you might not know where to turn. New build houses are very viable choices, and environmental friendliness might not have come into your thoughts when searching for a new home. That is, until now.

Did you know that new build houses are built to enhanced environmental standard? Older homes (especially those built before 1990) will not have been built to any sort of specification. Other than being fantastic for the environment, you stand to gain a lot from the purchase of an environmentally friendly home such as a new build property. The benefits are varied and many, but for most people that search for property, but most people have one thing in mind for their new home.

Financial savings are absolutely paramount when it comes to a new home, especially with the cost of living rising yearly within the UK.

New build houses are built to the very latest in environmental standards, so they’re significantly cheaper to run than the home you’re living in now. Energy efficiency is highly important, and new build houses tend to generate a whopping 60% less carbon dioxide than houses built in the 90s. This is an absolutely astounding figure. The 1990s, after all, are only 20 years ago. Houses built before then are even more of an ordeal to pay ongoing utilities for.

It’s estimated that new build homes such as Blue Bay Homes’ fantastic The View Development within Colwyn Bay in North Wales – boasting brand new apartments and new build houses in Colwyn Bay can save you, compared to a home built before 1990 – an incredible £500 off your energy bill every year.

Blue Bay Homes’ The View is a fantastic development in general, featuring easy links to work, a fantastic location within an enviable position on the North Wales coastline, and offers you high specifications, your choice of interiors, and some excellent fittings as standard. There's even new build apartments in Colwyn Bay to boot!

When you look into finding a new home, give a new build a try. You can’t go far wrong with one when it comes to keeping your energy bills under control.