More Than A Layer of Paint

Sometimes your home needs more than just a new layer of paint or a change of furniture to give you the same feeling of enthusiasm you had when you first moved in. If you love where you live but you’re just a bit tired of the way your home has become to look over the years – why not opt for a modern conversion or extension?
It’s likely you’ll want to be at every point of the design process, so it’s essential that you select an architectural designer in Cheshire who involves and guides you through every sketch until the final plan.
BR Architecture come highly recommended from a number of very happy clients – some of which have returned to BR Architecture to design their second home. Not only do they use their own design expertise and ideas into the planning of your future extension or conversion, BR Architecture aim to incorporate every idea you have into it too.
Thanks to their expert guidance and innovative design ideas, the renovation to your home will truly be unique and bespoke to you. BR Architecture will also take the time to explain every part of the drawings until it's all clear, ensuring that you’ll be 100% satisfied with everything once the work is completed.
They’re also incredibly attentive, frequently updating you about every single design plan or change from day one. There won’t be the nuisance of taking time off your week to wait around for work to start or finish. When BR Architecture sets a timescale – it’s final.
BR Architecture is also a family business and understands how difficult it can be to arrange consultations with work and family life often getting in the way. They’re incredibly flexible, and are happy to arrange meetings at times which suit you best. Whether that’s early in the morning or once you’ve settled your children into bed!

With over 20 years of experience within architecture and many satisfied recurring clients, BR Architecture appears an obvious choice for those looking to renovate their home in the Conwy or Cheshire region.