Luxury Homes at Incredible Prices

The housing market is a funny place, and lots of us tend to look for something extra-special as a first choice when we’re after a new place to live. For lots of us in varying circumstances, we look at the very best of the best for quite a while as we commence our housing search, and inevitably, we find that what we want is out of reach.

It’s sad – very much so. Most of us then start lowering our standards, lowering our expectations, and peruse thousands of monstrosities via online estate agents. The least atrocious houses are then viewed, and the long process of haggling and waiting for a current owner to find somewhere themselves in order to get out of your home begins.

It’s exhausting, and it’s very, very stressful.

You’ll be pleased to know that there is an alternative. Blue Bay Homes – the creator of the very well received and unabashedly popular Bay View Development (which is argued to have turned Deganwy into a very viable and desirable place to live, when before it was quite simply unthinkable)  have a brand new project nearing completion – The View by Blue Bay. While indeed Bay View was very well appreciated for its fantastic location on the forefront of the Deganwy Quay, The View by Blue Bay Homes is even better.

This luxury development takes pride of place in a highly enviable location on the Cliffside of Colwyn Bay, and the views of the sea are absolutely incredible. The entire development has been built with this in mind, and the properties on the inside are just as wonderful and just as special as those on the outside. Every property boasts UPVC windows, and French doors that lead out onto a gloriously large patio, or a balcony. You’ll be well advised to take breakfast and meals upon these features – as the view of the sea is absolutely magnificent and can easily qualify as one of the very best coastline views within the UK.

Blue Bay appear to have thought of absolutely every one of their customers’ needs with this glorious development of new build houses in Colwyn Bay, as each property has an absolute abundance of electrical sockets, TV and telephone points (if you can bear to tear yourself away from that majestic sea view!) and have pre-wired satellite which is ready and waiting for your Sky Plus box. Furthermore, essentials such as smoke alarms and burglar alarms are taken care of. All are mains fed, and ready to go.

We recommend that anyone looking for somewhere to live checks out what Blue Bay have to offer – this development looks very, very special indeed and we can’t stress going to take a look for yourself enough.