Kitchen styles from around the world

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house; whether it’s family time, relaxing or eating. It’s for this reason we want to make sure that its stylish, convenient and durable taking the best from the old and new to create the best kitchen yet for your family. With this in mind, kitchen designers Anglesey will take elements from kitchen styles all around the world to create a style that’s perfect for your family.

French Country Kitchens are renowned for being comfortable and beautiful. The delicately finished wooden cupboard doors offer a unique finish that shows attention to detail. As a patisserie lover, you might enjoy the incorporation of natural stone that is so often found in French kitchens. Traditionally the cool stone helps to create the best pastry by preventing the butter from melting. What’s more, it’s a durable material that will stand the test of time both in style and durability. Traditionally, French cupboard doors are painted earthy tones which means you can easily change up the colour scheme if you wanted. If you’re quite the chef, why not add a traditional French hanging rack for all those extra utensils.

Italian kitchens are better known for their warm and rustic style. Incorporate wooden surfaces to your work tops for that added earthy feel.  If you’re looking for that family appeal, add an island with seating to provide an additional seating area for family members. As for flooring, go for terracotta style tiles with a modern twist so style up the traditional.

Asian Style Kitchens bring about a very masculine feel to your kitchen, with bold design and sleek colours. If you’re a fan of dark worktops, then this is the style for you. You can be picky with an Asian style kitchen, working well with either light, mid tone or dark woods. When it comes to lighting, go for concentrated spots of dim bursts yet bold over your island. As long as you maintain earthy tones you can go as bold as you like with your clean lines.