Advice for a Practical and Stylish Kitchen

When designing a brand new kitchen, or simply updating an existing one – you want an even balance of style and practicality.

With Christmas on the way, there’s a good chance your kitchen will be seeing a lot of use during the busy festive season.

 If you’re considering giving your kitchen a bit of a makeover this year, have a read of these tips to help you decide what will make your kitchen look stylish and easier to use.

1.    Finding a balance


You need to incorporate your living situation into the planning of your new kitchen.  A gleaming pure white kitchen may look absolutely fantastic in a home improvement magazine, but will it remain that way after a few months if you typically use your kitchen to cook in multiple times a day?

2.    Back-Splashes will save your walls


Cooking fresh meals every day can get unavoidably messy. Using a backsplash prevents your walls becoming filthy from grease, sauce and food splatters. Pick a backsplash that looks attractive, but most importantly, one that is easy to clean.  It’s best to avoid wallpapered backsplashes and opt for tile ones instead, as they’re much easier to wipe down after a busy night of preparing food.

3.    Sink Selection

There are hundreds of sink designs around – but what suits your cooking style best? If you prepare a lot of vegetables, a two bowl sink will make it easier for you to wash and prepare whilst having used crockery in the other. If you’re planning to install a dishwasher, opting for a smaller sink will help save you kitchen space.

4.    How many cupboards do you need?

Too many cupboards along the walls can make a kitchen feel smaller – consider how many kitchen appliances and utensils you’re going to store.

Open shelving is a great option if you have decorative crockery sets you want to proudly display to your guests.

However, it’s good to have some closed shelving for storing for less decorative, but necessary things like ketchup bottle and cereal boxes.

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