Advantages of Metal Web Joists in Building Construction

Metal Web Joists
Metal web joists are used during the construction of walls, ceilings and floors. Joists help to support floors and ceilings, so it’s imperative that you select the best material when constructing a house or building.

Investing in high-quality metal web joists will extend the lifespan of a building, as less structural issues are likely to occur; such as the cracking of tiles and ceilings which is associated with poor quality joists.

When purchasing construction materials, you will most likely want to purchase those which save you time and money – yet do not falter on quality and reliability.

Metal web joists have a number of advantages, including reductions in time and initial purchase costs.

Time & Cost Reduction

Metal web joists also referred to as space joists & open web joists are favourable for a number of reasons. They are cost effective, due to a reduced cost on raw materials as opposed to traditional web joist types.

Due to the speed and ease that metal web joists can be installed in, labour costs are reduced, saving not only time but your money as well.


Metal web joists are also more lightweight than traditional joist materials. They can also be produced to span greater lengths than their timber alternatives, which in turn reduces labour and material costs.

Metal web joists offer long-term durability and stability – even more so than traditional timber joints due to the robust galvanised steel webbing used.

No Warping or Shrinking

Timber web joists often dry and warp over time, which can cause structural issues within homes and buildings. With metal web joists, this issue is entirely avoided.

The shrinking of timber joints can also cause flooring to become creaky. Again, this problem becomes almost non-existent when metal web joists are used to support flooring.

Metal joists are a great option for builders who want to reduce call-backs from clients regarding cracked or squeaky floors!