Why Switch to LED?

LED lighting has proved to be phenomenally popular, and it’s not difficult to see why. There are a number of solutions which are more than ideal for lighting your home or commercial place of work – be them LED strips , Rope lighting, ribbons, lamps or bulbs, the choice is absolutely staggering. It’s also unbelievably good for the environment.

Did you know that lighting in general equates to a staggering 12% of the world’s global grid-based electricity consumption? That figure is absolutely shocking.

LED lighting provides some truly significant energy savings compared to traditional CFL bulbs. Believe it or not, if the entire world changed to LED Lighting, 50-70% of this 12% of the world’s energy grid would be saved. Should smart controls also be used, you’re looking at a saving of 80% of this 12% of the world’s energy grid. Essentially, that’s a saving of almost 10% of the total power consumed by the world, for absolutely no downside.

That’s not all that LED Lighting can do for the environment either. You can reduce your carbon footprint significantly with LED lamps, especially when combined with smart controls. You will be able to cut your co2 emissions by a staggering 50-70%.

It’s not just the environment that benefits to your switch either. The savings are absolutely gigantic when it comes to switching to LED Lighting – you can expect an absolutely gigantic 50,000 hours out of every single product you buy. The extremely long lifespan of LED products will also slash your maintenance bills, as well.

Gone are the illusions that you’ll need to re-mortgage your house in order to afford LED lighting. They’re a very old mentality, and while perhaps one day, LED Lighting was a product that was more novel than anything, reputable electronic manufacturers such as Phillips, OSRAM and such have full production for all things LED.

As with electronics in general, the more something is produced, the less expensive it is. Now’s the time to get out there and get into LED Lighting, as well as make some massive savings along the way.