Water Management Strategies And Homeowners

In September 2016, a report which has been years in the making was finally published, and has led to a number of construction firms in Denbighshire and beyond taking notice. Interestingly, the findings of this report has detailed measures needed to avoid both flooding and drought, from both ends of the spectrum regarding drought and consequential impact on the public water supply.

Agriculture and the environment are also factors within water management, and both can therefore be irrefutably harmed as such. This leads to significant disruption and severe economic damage.

Essentially, flooding doesn’t just affect homeowners. It affects absolutely everyone, and common themes established within this report involve long-term water resource planning, the National Flood Resilience Review coming into play, as well as the appropriate modelling tools and data to be used within every single coastal defence within the UK.

Key findings from the report conclude that:
  • There is a very real risk of severe drought across South East England. It has been established that planning for the future based on flooding of the past is absolutely unacceptable for any government.
  • The risk of homes being flooded by abnormal weather conditions cannot be established based upon whether or not they have in recent years.
  • Findings indicate that there is a very real need for both the English and Welsh Governments to adopt national minimum levels of resilience toward floodwater. Essentially, the misery brought on to home and business owners at being flooded year after year is no longer something that should occur.

The report shows remarkable similarity to the National Flood Resilience Review, which was conceived, researched and eventually published with the aim of improving flood resilience and improving existing modelling tools surrounding flood defence structures.

This study provides a significant new form of evidence to properly defend properties throughout England and Wales. As weather patterns break records month after month, it is absolutely imperative that the recommendations of this report is embedded into longterm national infrastructure strategy – and homes, businesses, and agriculture at large is defended from a trend of extremely wet winters.