Reasons to Buy a New Build

We’re not all that enthralled with the thoughts of old houses. While indeed an older house has a certain feel to it, we’re really not fans. Feature fireplaces to us make us think of musty, old drafty things that require a kick or three to even get working. That, and when they’re not on, they simply look dreadful and hog much needed space for living.  Beamed ceilings. Yuck. How on earth anyone thinks in this day and age, rafters of wood poking through the ceiling is attractive, we’ll never know.

Notable property developer Blue Bay Homes within North Wales have a very special site going. It's called The View, and other than offering some of the best views you're likely to find within Wales and the UK at large, all of the properties, either apartments in Colwyn Bay or houses in Colwyn Bay, are part of the Welsh Government's Help to Buy Scheme.

Blue Bay's The View is offered ‘off plan’ – in other words, they're not quite built yet. This enables buyers a dream opportunity - to purchase before they’re even built. This means that you can take your time and literally cherry pick your dream home. And these houses and apartments are dreams, indeed.

With new builds as well, a very important point to think of is that you can move at a pace that suits both you and the house builder – and you won’t be reliant on other people in a chain to do the deal. There's nothing more heartbreaking than having a party interested in your existing home and being let down by who you think is perfectly happy to sell their home to you. With new builds, you don't have to worry about your dreams being crushed by the whims of other property owners.

With Blue Bay's The View, You're absolutely free to make your home your own right from the very start, knowing that it has not been touched by any other owners. And with this development in particular, you're more than welcome to choose your own bathroom and kitchen tiles, units, and you'll even get a choice of other fixtures.