Landlord Insurance for You

Being a landlord is undoubtedly difficult. Whereas it seems quite easy to purchase property via mortgage and rent it out to people, there’s actually a sizable amount of procedure, information, legislation, and so many regulations to digest, not to mention of course the very full time job of attracting tenants, keeping your properties in excellent condition, managing rental payments, paying off your second mortgage… and of course finding the right Landlords Insurance in Manchester.. and further afield in Liverpool, Lancashire and North Wales.

In a world full of gimmicky offers, deals, and comparison engines (with some very skewed results) how on earth are you meant to ascertain what deal is the cheapest, but what provides you with what you actually need, without clauses, and leaves you with the peace of mind and confidence you need in order to get on with what’s truly important.

BiS Insurance appears on the outside, quite a small outfit. But, this Llandudno based commercial insurance provider, is very much mighty. It has quite a reach throughout North East England as well as within North Wales. With offices in Liverpool, Manchester and Chorley, BiS Insurance offer a face-to-face service, which is a far cry from most insurance providers and the frustrating act of waiting on the phone for what can seem like hours just to speak to a human being.

BiS Insurance pride themselves on their vision, which is “large enough to matter, but small enough to care” and that mentality comes out in all of their policies. They’re a friendly, reliable and professional Commercial Insurance provider which will enable you to have a comprehensive, high level of cover for anything and everything that might happen along the way.

They stand apart from the rest by the virtue that they’re a friendly, face to face service that you simply don’t get with the large, heavy-hitting Insurance giants and their telephone numbers. You might be convinced at this point that BiS will charge you an arm and a leg compared to other providers. That’s simply not true – In particular, BiS’ Landlord Insurance policies are very competitively priced, and covers property on a commercial and domestic basis. 

Even better, BiS Insurance can give the giants a run for their money when it comes to the price of their policies, so give them a call today and see what they can do for you.