Changing Lifestyles and Housing Constraints

As a society, we’re growing to live well within years that we wouldn’t expect to reach 100 years ago. As such, an unprecedented challenge is placed where the current housing market simply cannot take everyone that needs a home. It’s not anyone’s fault, of course. The older generation deserve to live comfortably as much as the younger one, which are forced to stay within the family home for much longer. Civil Engineers and Construction firms in Conwy and the UK at large are looking into what exactly is required when it comes to meeting these extreme challenges, and what can be changed within the Construction industry in order to do so.

It appears unanimous that affordable housing is the way to go. A far cry from social housing, affordable housing is a concept which means that through saving money through the Construction process, houses are more accessible to more people. Of course, demographics also highlight that within modern living, society’s aging means that single occupancy living is on the increase, and family groupings are also becoming more varied and indeed intergenerational. Economic pressure has meant that designers, civil engineers and builders have to more clearly understand housing needs in the 21st Century, whether in North Wales or beyond.

This involves more single person households, more flexibility in builds to support intergenerational families, and the need to design buildings to encourage community bonds and encourage good neighbourliness. Regulation within the past 10 years has focused upon defining what makes a decent place to live and what doesn’t, promoting universal accessibility and inclusivity in design.

Design quality in 2016 and beyond will target all of this, as well as the unbelievable challenge with what is to come. There are an array of talented construction professionals, civil engineers, architects and designers out there which are aware, and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.