Top Tips in Finding the Perfect Office Space

If your business is at the stage where you need a bit more space to expand your operations and you feel like you’re busting at the seams in your current office space – you might be considering taking the big leap and moving to a new office space. It’s something almost all successful businesses will go through and that’s expanding into a new, more appropriate office. Of course, with this you’ll need to think about the process of buying, leasing or taking out a bridging loans in order to get the perfect office for you. It’s a big decision and you need to make the right choice when it comes your business.

Know what you need

Before you even consider moving, you really need to think about what your business needs. Is it simply more space you're looking for or is it a ‘client friendly’ office you need; somewhere you can easily entertain guests. If so, then you’ll need a convenient, central location where can easily be found for meetings, or where you can easily meet others. Think about nearby amenities like banking, office supply stores, catering etc.

If it’s just space you need, how much more will you need in the future for further expansion? Ideally, you want an office you can grow into, rather than one that just suits your needs right now. Thinking ahead is key.

Consider your employees needs

If you’re offering a service, then your employees will play a big part in what you do. Likewise, your employees have needs which will need to be addressed so that they can carry out their roles efficiently. Think about appropriate desk space, and the right technology to be productive – it can only benefit your business. Like your clients, a central location will be more convenient for them to reach. In terms of hiring, a central location will give you more opportunity to be selective and harness the best skills in the market.

Consider your finances carefully

For those who have already purchased office space, you’ll need to sell your current office space before you can make a new purchase. However, good office space comes and goes very quickly so you’ll need to be able to act fast. In this instance, a bridging loan might be might be the right answer for you allowing you to make a purchase before you sell your current office. It means you can expand quickly and avoid wasting valuable business time but this usually does come with the cost of a higher interest rate like any short term financing solution.

If you don’t currently have an office, serviced office leasing in Llandudno could be the right answer for you. It gives you the opportunity to expand into a dedicated business space without the responsibility of the building maintenance. It’s an easy solution; often with simple ‘all bills included’ leasing costs.