Loft Conversions And You

It’s difficult to list and sell property nowadays. For most of us, a house is our home for life, or perhaps for most of it. In today’s economic climate finding a perfect home can be somewhat daunting, not to mention the work you have already put into making your property your home  means nothing if you decide to call it quits and move. But what about things in your current home not quite being right? Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer in silent annoyance over lack of space or other problems. There are a number of luxury house designers in Chester which can see your home receive some highly beneficial new changes.

A popular choice for adding space is loft conversions, though those can be costly and quite complex. We recommend thinking very carefully about the decision, and certainly bringing in the services of an architectural designer in Cheshire or otherwise. A professional will be able to efficiently assess, plan, and get the ball rolling on all kinds of matters, whether it’s a question of compliance with building regulations, or other matters.

A professional will also be able to offer insights you might not realize as well. For example, did you know that to comply with building regulations, the floor will almost certainly need strengthening and that you’ll have to have at least 150mm of insulation – plus a 50mm clear gap?

Bringing loft space up to habitable requirement is tricky, involving the ceiling height being lowered by 60-100mm, and the floor level raised by at least 15-20mm. A good architectural designer will know this, and inform you best, considering that thanks to these regulations, usable space will be impacted, on how to create more space.

A decent option for doing so for example, is to improve the amount of loft space is to have the roof height increased by rebuilding it, or lowering the existing ceiling height below. An architect will also inform you of various other issues such as landing space being required for a permanent staircase, as well as create and provide other solutions, for every step of the way.